The Affordable Housing Program (AHP), America's largest private source of funds for affordable housing, has provided more than $4 billion in grants through members. Focused on housing and economic development, the $61 billion in below-market loans of the Community Investment Program (CIP) have benefited millions of American families.

Community Investment Program

Each Federal Home Loan Bank operates a Community Investment Program (CIP) that offers below-market-rate loans to members for long-term financing for housing and economic development that benefits low- and moderate-income families and neighborhoods. The program is designed to be a catalyst for economic development because it supports projects that create and preserve jobs and help build infrastructure to support growth. Lenders have used CIP to fund owner-occupied and rental housing, construct roads, bridges, retail stores, sewage treatment plants and provide small business loans. The program is especially appreciated in rural areas where resources are limited. Since 1990, CIP has lent over $73 billion for a variety of projects, resulting in 797,045 housing units and an estimated 260,554 jobs. Several of the Banks operate other voluntary programs for affordable housing, small business lending, foreclosure prevention and financial literacy.

The Basics

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