The Affordable Housing Program (AHP), America's largest private source of funds for affordable housing, has provided more than $5.165 billion in grants through members. Focused on housing and economic development, the $73 billion in below-market loans of the Community Investment Program (CIP) have benefited millions of American families.

Affordable Housing Program

The Federal Home Loan Banks' Affordable Housing Program (AHP) is one of the largest private sources of grant funds for affordable housing in the United States. It is funded with 10% of the Federal Home Loan Banks' net income each year. The AHP allows for funds to be used in combination with other programs and funding sources, like the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. These projects serve a wide range of neighborhood needs: many are designed for seniors, the disabled, homeless families, first-time homeowners and others with limited resources. More than 845,157 housing units have been built using AHP funds. The Federal Home Loan Bank System is the largest single funding provider to Habitat for Humanity. The total AHP dollars since 1990 is over $5.165 billion.

The Basics

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