The 12 Federal Home Loan Banks are the only way most of community financial institutions can access the global capital markets. Structured as cooperatives, their customers are also their owners, fostering conservative management and a long-term view of financial performance.

Office of Finance

The Office of Finance is the centralized debt facility for the Federal Home Loan Bank. The Office of Finance raises money through the daily sale of debt securities in the global capital markets. The FHLBanks issue discount notes in maturities ranging from one day to one year. Bond maturities of six months to 30 years are offered, with the majority of issues between one and five years. Issue size can range from several million to several billion dollars. FHLBank debt is sold through a broad, international network of approximately 100 underwriters.

Buyers of debt securities issued by the FHLBanks represent the entire spectrum of domestic and international fixed-income investors, including commercial banks, central banks, investment managers, major corporations, pension funds, government agencies and individuals.

The Basics

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