The 12 Federal Home Loan Banks are the only way most of community financial institutions can access the global capital markets. Structured as cooperatives, their customers are also their owners, fostering conservative management and a long-term view of financial performance.


Created by Congress, the Federal Home Loan Banks have been the largest source of funding for mortgage lending for nearly eight decades. The Federal Home Loan Banks are twelve regional cooperative banks that lending institutions use to finance housing and economic development in local communities.

Federal Home Loan Banks are regionally focused and controlled. This structure allows each Federal Home Loan Bank to manage and be responsive to the customer relationships it has within its district, while the twelve Federal Home Loan Banks use their combined size and strength to obtain funding at the lowest possible cost for their members.

The Federal Home Loan Banks are a unique financial entity. Although only financial institutions can belong to a Federal Home Loan Bank, people everywhere benefit from them. Their cooperative nature means that their focus is on providing services to their members at the best price. Their regional distribution enables them to focus on the distinct needs of individual communities.

The Basics

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