The Federal Home Loan Bank model is built on the interdependence of local financial institutions big and small. A strong economy, good jobs and a healthy housing market need a robust financial system comprised of lenders of all sizes and types.

The Council of FHLBanks

The Council of Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks) is the public voice of the FHLBank System. Incorporated in 1998, the non-profit trade association is based in Washington, DC. The Council?s primary function is to represent the positions and views of the Council?s members to Washington policymakers.

The Council consists of director and officer representatives of all 12 FHLBanks. Each member bank may name up to three individuals to sit on the Council's Board of Representatives.

The Council?s mission is spelled out in its articles of incorporation. These articles mandate that the Council:

  • Encourage and promote cooperation and consensus building among the FHLBanks
    so that their common legislative and regulatory interests may be served.
  • Promote enactment of laws and regulations beneficial to the FHLBanks and oppose detrimental laws and regulations; obtain research as is necessary for such
    promotion or opposition.
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the FHLBanks among Washington leaders, including members of Congress and their staffs, executive departments, regulators
    and trade associations and the financial media.